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The ultimate bachelorette party in the Riviera Maya, Mexico!

We know that planning the perfect bachelorette party weekend can be a challenge, getting the entire squad together and having a plan that pleases everyone can be almost impossible… except when you choose the Riviera Maya as your weekend destination! We know some of your besties would prefer to party, others would like to chill and enjoy the beach and some others would like to do some sports or go on new adventures. But guess what? The Riviera Maya has a little bit of everything, and here are some of our fav things to do with your friends:

For the adventurous, high energy and sporty girls!

There are tons of fun activities to do that will keep their adrenaline pumping!  You can  arrange a quick kite surfing lesson or if you already know how to kite you can rent a couple kites and visit some awesome kitting beaches like Isla Blanca.


Or you can choose to arrange a SCUBA diving lesson for the girls who never been diving and join the girls that SCUBA!. Let’s show your girls the colorful reefs of the Riviera Maya!


For the party girls…

Did someone say Champagne pool party?  Yeap, that’s right Coralina day light Club in Playa del Carmen it’s a gorgeous beach club which hosts Champagne parties every week at their pool! What else could you ask for? A couple of bottles of Moet, the beach, and your gals is the perfect combination for an unforgettable wknd.



If the Champagne party is a bit to much.. maybe a Catamaran trip is your thing. This trip mixes the best of both worlds, it offers a snorkeling tour for everyone to enjoy and discover the reef and on the way back is party time, they offer lunch and unlimited booze. This is a good option to mix the party animals and adventurous crew. Catamaran tours are offer to Isla Mujeres, Puerto Aventuras or Playa del Carmen, so you can always find a good option near you hotel.


ctPics and trip by: Rockstar Crawls

And for the girls who are more laid back….

There’s a ton of fabulous hotels, beach clubs and spas in the Riviera Maya. But if you want to relax take the gals to Tulum for a Temazcal day (Mayan traditional steam bath) and let herbal medicine, natural oils and steam clean and relax your mind, body and soul. It’s a one of a kind bonding experience, something you and your besties will remember forever.

IMG_5712Photo by: Stacie Hess – check out her fantastic blog about Mayan Temazcal!

If trying traditional Mayan medicine is a bit to much, maybe some Yoga by the Sea will have the same relaxing effect without pushing you out of your comfort zone. There’re tons of fantastic yoga teachers in the area, book a private sesh for you and your girls and do some sun salutations at sun rise, it will recharge you with a ton of positive energy and good vibes!