MASCARA : How to pick up the right wand ?

One of the most important make up item in a woman’s life is the mascara ! But there are so many options on the market that you are maybe a little lost when it is time to pick one up!


To be honest, all the mascaras are basically the same ! Yes you can find waterproof, extra protein or different colors but the product itself is very similar from one brand to another.

If the mascaras formula is  almost always the same, the wand at the contrary makes a huge difference ! The size of the brush, its shape, its flexibility, the bristles more or less densely packed, the amount of product it picks up…

mascara wands 1

Choose the right brush according to the result you want. Let us help you a little.

straight wand

STRAIGHT WAND – Lenghten and Volumize

Straight is the original and basic shape. Very easy to use. If you have big eyes and a lot of eyelashes this is the perfect shape for you and you can use a thin brush. If you have smaller eyes or less lashes, you should choose a wand with bigger and thicker bristles. An oversize brush always gives more volume.

curved wand

CURVED WAND – Lift and Curl

Ideal if you have straight lashes. Make sure the curve faces upwards and the lashes sit into the curve when you use this wand.It imitates the natural curve of the eye, it helps to apply the product and to lift and curl the lashes for a wide eyed doll result.


Tapered_ wand

TAPERED / HEART WAND – Add Definition

This cone appearance brush is a combination of different shapes. The thickest part gives more volume to the outer lashes and the thin tip gives more precision and helps to define the little lashes of the inner corner of the eye. Perfect for short or long eyelashes.


round wand

SPHERE SHAPE &  BOTTOM LASH WAND – Separate and Define

These ball-shaped & bottom lash wands are perfect for a high definition. They give the same result than a regular brush but with more precision because of their very small size. They perfectly separate each lash, the small brush helps to reach easily the lashes directly from the root.


comb wand

COMB WAND – Extra Lenght and Definition

Good if you have short lashes and/or if you want an exaggerate length     and a lot of definition. This wand doesn’t add volume. The result is a         beautiful lineup with perfectly separated lashes.



 PLASTIC BRISTLES WAND – Define, Add Volume and Curl

This usually slim wand is perfect to define and separate the lashes. The plastic or rubber bristles are very good at providing volume as well as length.  Good for very short lashes. Be careful this brush picks up an irregular amount of product because the plastic is non absorbent.



Also called oscillating mascara is good if you want a lot of volume. The very fast wiggling movement  helps to separate the lashes and gives a evenly coated result. Good for beautiful volumized and dramatic eyes result.


Your Make Up artist Tips :

  • Black is perfect for everybody.
  • The biggest the wand you use the more volume you get !
  • Waterproof only  for occasional events or nightlife. The product is hard to remove and a daily use weaken the lashes.
  • If you are a bride to be, it is highly recommended to use a waterproof mascara on your wedding day. Especially if you are getting married at the beach like in the Riviera Maya – Mexico where the weather is very humid. But your hair and make up artist will perfectly know what product to use for you.

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