retroEyeliner is one of the basic make up tool that women use from the beginning of make up history!  But let’s be honest, it is not very easy to apply and it  takes a lot of patience and practice to reach a beautiful and perfect result . Moreover there are so many ways to trace the line that you’ll have to choose your style and work on it.


There are a lot of different eyeliner products in the market. Let’s talk about the most famous ones.

liquidLiquid eyliner :  The original ! It was used a lot in the 50’s and 60’s for movies and fashion to create the iconic dramatic eyes make up look. It usually comes in a small tube with a very thin brush. The application is not easy, it requires a lot of precision and hand control. If you want to create a sophisticated cat eye look, sharp lines or graphic shapes, the liquid liner is made for you.

get eyelinerGel or cream eyeliner :  It comes in a small pot and you can use an angled or a fine tipped brush for the application. Its thick creamy formula make it much easier to apply than liquid liner. You can trace a very clean line easily or you can smudge the line to create a blurry smokey effect. You can also use it as a base under the eyeshadow, it gives more intensity to your look and it will make you line lasts longer.

imagesPencil eyeliner : Must have for beginners and pros! The easiest eyeliner to use, this is why most of the girls choose this one. It works exactly like any other pencil. Perfect if you want a soft and smudgy result but also for a deeper and dramatic look.  Just sharpen it correctly to get a more precise finish. You can quickly and easily draw a nice line without taking any risk to ruin your make up.  You can also use it in your inside waterline eye.

powder eyelinerPowder eyeliner :  This is a simple make up powder, exactly like any eye-shadow. You can use it to set a liquid or cream eyeliner and make it last longer . You need a little angled brush to draw along your lash line. The result will be blurry and less intense than other eyeliners formula if you use it alone. In combination with other eyeliner it is perfect to create a beautiful red carpet smokey eye !

Tips from your make-up Artist : 

  • Play with colors. We first think about black when we talk about eyeliner but you can find a variety of colors that can make your make up pop !
  • If you are a beginner why don’t you first apply a pencil eyeliner and then cover it with a liquid eyeliner. It is the best training you can do to become an expert.
  • Don’t use liquid, cream, gel or powder eyeliner on your waterline. It won’t stick and It would directly irritate your eyes. For the waterline use a pencil liner.
  • For your wedding day, especially if you are getting married in a humid weather place like the Riviera Maya – Mexico, choose a waterproof formula. The brides use to get emotional on their big day and you don’t want a drop of tear to ruin your make up.





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