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The perfect eyeliner style for you!

The eyes are one of the most important beauty features of your face, they can transform your look from natural to glamorous in just a couple of seconds!

Let’s talk about the different eyeliner options that we have available.
You can choose your eyeliner based on the style you would like to achieve and one that you feel comfortable with.

Let’s begin with the basics…

  • Pencil Eyeliner – This is one is super popular and is available in different colors. dryer a pencil
  • Compact Eyeliner – You will need a brush to apply it and a little bit more practice. texture cream all colors
  • Liquid Eyeliner – Great to create a variety of styles, it gives you lots of flexibility but it does take a little hand control and maybe a little more practice to master. Liquid texture.
  • Gel Eyeliner – Dark and bold, perfect for glamorous looks. in between cream and gel texture

The right technique for your eye shape can be a game-changer. With the right technique and tools, you can make magic…you can change hooded eyes into big and glamorous eyes. 

So now that we know the tools, let’s talk about your eye shape. Knowing your eye shape is super important and it will help you to choose the perfect technique to enhance your beauty and create the perfect look. 

Figuring out the shape of your eyes can be a little tricky,  check out this tutorial to help you figure out your eye shape! Check out the tutorial! 

Almond shape eyes

Lucky girl! You look gorgeous with pretty much any eyeliner style, you can rock the cat eyes and even some more artistic looks. To enhance your beautiful shape you can start with a thin line in the inner corner and building up the thickness once you reach the outer part of your eye..if you are feeling bold or you are ready for a night out finish up with a wing in the end for the cat-eye effect. 

Downturned eyes 

Let’s open up that look! Begin by brightening up the inner eye, then Focus on the top lash line, starting directly below the highest point of your arch, and then think up and outward. A small upward flick of eyeliner at the outer corners will open up your beautiful eyes

Round eyes 

The perfect way to frame your big beautiful eyes is to use the eyeliner to elongate them into an exotic look.  Use the eyeliner to create an upper lash line and elongate your look by drawing a wing or by smudging dark liner into both the upper and lower lash lines. 

Hooded eyes 

You can make the liner as thick as you want (since the line will be cover).  If you wanna achieve the cat-eye effect start with a thick, elongated wing that will give your eyes a gorgeous shape and definition. Or you can make your eyes look rounder by making the liner thicker in the center of your eye, and thinner at the corners. This creates the illusion of an eye that’s more curved. Try to avoid  bottom eyeliner, which can close off your eyes, making them look smaller

Huile Prodigieuse NUXE – Dry Oil


NUXE Paris is a cosmetic brand created by a french pharmacist in 1957. The man was obsessed with aromatherapy and his daughter gave the brand a natural cosmetic oriented style. The motto is “Beautiful by Nature” and the name comes from the combination of Nature and Luxury : NUXE (Nature et luxe in French)

The brand offers a wide range of skin, hair and body treatments products with a high percentage of natural ingredients and of course non animal tested. All the products parabens free, really delicate and respectful of the skin care.

Today we highlight the star product of NUXE , the famous HUILE PRODIGIEUSE – Dry Oil.


Huile Prodigieuse is a multi-purpose dry oil. You can use it on your skin, hair and body. One and only product for night care, hair treatment and of course body lotion.

First, when you open the bottle, you can smell an amazing and inexpressible fragrance that really makes you happy in one second.

Then, applying the oil on your skin, you can feel a smooth texture on your fingers before observing a no greasy oily look on your hair and body. The result is a beautiful and very well hydrated skin .

Getting Married in the Carribean ?

If you are a bride to be planning to say I DO at the beach and particularly in a humid place like the Mayan Riviera in Mexico , NUXE offer the shimmery version of the Dry oil called Huile Prodigieuse Or or Golden shimmer that makes your skin sparkle like a star.


This oil is a very good option after the sunbaths. The sun hits a lot in the caribbean and of course it is highly recommended to use a sunscreen all day long to avoid sunburns before the big day.  But when the sun goes down you can use the dry oil after the shower. It will hydrate your skin and hair without no shiny skin result. It actually will make your skin looks healthier.

The shimmery version of Huile Prodigieuse NUXE OR gives a silky result but doesn’t stain clothes.  If you choose to use  it for the big day we suggest to first get dressed and then just apply some drops of the products on your arms and neck.

It is better not to use it on you hair and face for the big day because your professional hair and make up artist will know exactly the products to use according to your complexion to have the longest lasting as possible with a such humid and sometimes windy weather .

more about nuxe :




You probably already saw these colorful egg shape sponges everywhere,  but you maybe don’t really know how to use them. If you love make up and if you are used to wear foundation, this little egg is made for you !


The original beauty blender is pink and has been created by Rea Ann Silva in 2007 . It first replaced the classic foundation brushes of the professional make up artists but now it became so popular that you can find it everywhere and use it for your make up at home!

It is the best tool for traditional foundation application. The thing is to use it wet. “If you use it dry, it doesn’t work the same way, the magic is when you wet the sponge” Says the Rea Ann Silva . “When it’s wet, it becomes bigger, softer and less thirsty, instead of sucking up the make up, it pushes it out into the face “

beauty blender

Photo : Courtesy of Beauty Blender. Designed by Ly Ngo.

Wet the sponge until its completely saturated and squeeze out the excess water. Then dab it in your make up . When you apply the make up , you will see you have a better coverage with less product. The result is very natural and gives a non make up effect. This little egg shape is perfect  for application under the eyes, around the nose and along the lips. 

To understand better how to use your beauty blender what’s is better than a little video :


The beautyblender gives a flawless result, your skin will look amazing, fresh and light. Try it and  you will love it ! You can also use this sponge to apply your blush and bronzer.

Your make up artist tips :

  • You can use a beauty blender for make up but also to apply your face moisturizer, cream , serum, primer, spa etc… the sponge use the perfect amount of product and the application is very uniform and gives a perfect coverage.
  • If you are a bride to be getting married in a tropical place like the Riviera Maya Mexico,  and you plan to have a beautiful airbrush make up for the big day, you can get used to wear your traditional foundation using the beauty blender. The result will never be as perfect as an airbrush application but you will see it is not that far.



LIP PLUMPERS : Kiss it Bigger !


angieYou love big lips but you are not really ready for surgical lip injections. If you dream of fleshy lips why don’t you start trying a lip plumper gloss or treatment ? You will certainly not obtain the Kylie Jenner or Angelina’s lips but for sure you will see good results if you use the good products.

There are so many brands and products on the market, some are good other absolutely not… Let us guide  you a little bit .

1 -Too Faced – Lip Injection 

Lip injection too facedOur favorite ! It exists in 2 versions. Original or extreme . The difference between one and another is not really big. We like the original one that makes your lip plump almost instantly after the application. Moreover the gloss is not sticky and smells really good. After the application your lips will tingle a little but don’t worry, the annoying sensation disappears after few minutes. We love the result

2 – Smashbox O-Plump Intuitive Lip PlumperOplum smashbox

This gloss not only plum your lips to perfection, it also turns into the perfect shade of pink according to your natural lip color. A beautiful non sticky gloss option.  You won’t feel burning sensation after application and the result is long lasting. Very natural result and elegant color. Amazing product !

Dior Addict3- DIOR Addict Lip Maximiser – Collagen Active Lip Gloss

Very long lasting and feel smooth all day . Minty and refreshing, it doesn’t only give more volume instantly to your lips but it also highly hydrate. We love the large range of colors you can find. Different shades of pink but also beautiful orange, beige …

4 – City Cosmetics Advanced Lip Plumper cosmetics advanced formula

The product is another excellent option for fuller lips. The gloss is a great moisturizer and let your lips silky. The tingling sensation is not strong and the result is stunning.

shiseido5 – Shiseido Benefiance Full Correction Lip Treatment  

This is not an instant result product, it will plump your lips gradually. It doesn’t tingle or burn the lips. It is a progressive volumizer very nutritive and great moisturizer. After few weeks of use you will see a beautiful result, younger and well hydrated voluptuous lips. This is more a treatment than a make up product.

Your Make up Artist Tips :

  • If you are a bride to be, don’t wait the last moment to try the product on your lips, it is very rare but in case of allergic reaction or intolerance to the gloss, you could have bad surprise. Better to try it few days or weeks before the wedding to be sure it is ok for you.
  • The more you use lip plumpers the more your lips will be volumized, fleshy and smooth. Be patient .
  • Plus : if you are getting married at the beach like in the Mayan Riviera Mexico, of if you are a test to a summer destination wedding, these gloss are a good preparation for your lips thanks to their great moisturizer and hydrated composition.


*All the photos of this post come from the Internet. If you are the author of one of them we would be happy to quote your name as a source. Thank you

MASCARA : How to pick up the right wand ?

One of the most important make up item in a woman’s life is the mascara ! But there are so many options on the market that you are maybe a little lost when it is time to pick one up!


To be honest, all the mascaras are basically the same ! Yes you can find waterproof, extra protein or different colors but the product itself is very similar from one brand to another.

If the mascaras formula is  almost always the same, the wand at the contrary makes a huge difference ! The size of the brush, its shape, its flexibility, the bristles more or less densely packed, the amount of product it picks up…

mascara wands 1

Choose the right brush according to the result you want. Let us help you a little.

straight wand

STRAIGHT WAND – Lenghten and Volumize

Straight is the original and basic shape. Very easy to use. If you have big eyes and a lot of eyelashes this is the perfect shape for you and you can use a thin brush. If you have smaller eyes or less lashes, you should choose a wand with bigger and thicker bristles. An oversize brush always gives more volume.

curved wand

CURVED WAND – Lift and Curl

Ideal if you have straight lashes. Make sure the curve faces upwards and the lashes sit into the curve when you use this wand.It imitates the natural curve of the eye, it helps to apply the product and to lift and curl the lashes for a wide eyed doll result.


Tapered_ wand

TAPERED / HEART WAND – Add Definition

This cone appearance brush is a combination of different shapes. The thickest part gives more volume to the outer lashes and the thin tip gives more precision and helps to define the little lashes of the inner corner of the eye. Perfect for short or long eyelashes.


round wand

SPHERE SHAPE &  BOTTOM LASH WAND – Separate and Define

These ball-shaped & bottom lash wands are perfect for a high definition. They give the same result than a regular brush but with more precision because of their very small size. They perfectly separate each lash, the small brush helps to reach easily the lashes directly from the root.


comb wand

COMB WAND – Extra Lenght and Definition

Good if you have short lashes and/or if you want an exaggerate length     and a lot of definition. This wand doesn’t add volume. The result is a         beautiful lineup with perfectly separated lashes.



 PLASTIC BRISTLES WAND – Define, Add Volume and Curl

This usually slim wand is perfect to define and separate the lashes. The plastic or rubber bristles are very good at providing volume as well as length.  Good for very short lashes. Be careful this brush picks up an irregular amount of product because the plastic is non absorbent.



Also called oscillating mascara is good if you want a lot of volume. The very fast wiggling movement  helps to separate the lashes and gives a evenly coated result. Good for beautiful volumized and dramatic eyes result.


Your Make Up artist Tips :

  • Black is perfect for everybody.
  • The biggest the wand you use the more volume you get !
  • Waterproof only  for occasional events or nightlife. The product is hard to remove and a daily use weaken the lashes.
  • If you are a bride to be, it is highly recommended to use a waterproof mascara on your wedding day. Especially if you are getting married at the beach like in the Riviera Maya – Mexico where the weather is very humid. But your hair and make up artist will perfectly know what product to use for you.


If you opened a fashion magazine, or if you connected on Instagram over the last few years you probably heard about the contouring make up.  This make up technique used to be only reserved for show business people, models, singers and actresses.

But after Kim Kardashian, the Queen of contouring, shared her daily make up transformation on the social medias,  this technique became very popular. A lot of followers of new beauty trends got inspired and started sharing their contouring experiences on instagram too and now


almost all the make up brands are offering their contouring palettes on the beauty market. This is the reason why this technique is now so fashionable and accessible to every woman.

If you are a bride to be looking for the perfect make up for your wedding, you probably wonder if you should ask your make up artist to use this technique on your face for the big day or not.

We help you to make your choice.

What is Contouring ?

The contouring consists in sculpting the face enhancing the natural shades and highlights. This technique can be more or less subtle depending on the result you want. For the daily life the idea is to enhance some part of your face and hide others to get a harmonious result. Most of the famous make up artists say it is not supposed to be noticeable. But some women use it to completely change the shape of their face. Contouring is exactly the same technique used by theater artists whose make up must be visible from a long distance.

Contours and highlights…ok ! but where ?

Under the jaw line ? Below the cheekbone? Around the eye socket?  Cheeks, nose, top of the forehead ? Not as easy as it seems!

The shading and highlighting technique is like a hairstyle, it has to be different for every woman. To understand better let’s see the sketches below.


It is really important to first define your shape before starting sculpting your face. Contouring is not easy to apply and a beautiful results first depends on the knowledge of your natural aspect. You will need to practice a lot before getting a perfect result.

What kind of make up products ?

A beautiful result will also depends on the products you use. Brushes and make up products.

First, use a natural hair angled cream brush, it is better to sculpt and aim specific parts of the face. We suggest to have two brushes. One for contouring and one for highlighting.


Then, use matte shadows for contours and you can use shimmery  products but only for highlights . Never use shimmery products for contours and most of the famous make up artists say not to use bronzer unless your skin is already naturally tanned. It is better to use powders to contour, creams give a dewy and less natural result.

Contours must give the illusion of a natural shadow giving shape and enhancing the facial structure. This is why the colors you should use are beige, brown, taupe and grey.  The colors must be well blend in with the foundation to avoid hard lines. Work with your brushes to mix the products and blur the colors. Demarcations would really ruin your make up.



Our opinion about contouring :  Yes, but for the Red Carpet !

We think contouring + highlighting should be reserved for the red carpet, shows, photo shoots… where there are artificial flash lights. Even if it is extremely well done, the result is never natural at the day light. If you are not a show business celebrity but a beautiful normal life woman you should only use contouring for nightlife events. Remember less is more !

If you are a bride to be looking for the perfect make up, in the Riviera Maya or everywhere else,  we suggest you shouldn´t use the contouring technique for your wedding. It is better and more adapted to choose only subtle highlights for a fresh, glowy and natural result. Your make up artist will know perfectly how to use the luminizer to make you shine bright like… your diamond ring !







Aqua Rouge is a waterproof, ultra long lasting lip color. It’s highly pigmented formula contains a weight polymer that gives immediate lasting color that doesn’t transfer !!!

We especially like this product in trash the dress session here in the Mayan Riviera because it doesn’t move at all  for the underwater part of the shooting. And our bride love it for it’s long lasting result but also because you can kiss the groom without any concern.

Let’s try it with us….




This product is amazing! Perfect for the special weather we have here in the Riviera Maya. It’s a hair treatment all in One . Your hairdresser will use this spray-mask as a thermal protector before using the hairdryer or styler, specially for your bridal hairstyle. This product makes your hair shiny, it’s frizz control, uva/uvb filter, adds body volume to your hair and help for a long lasting hairstyle….  It matches perfectly with your special need for your wedding on the beach! Let’s try it !!!

Tried & Tested: HD Elixir Make Up For Ever

make up riviera maya

Because our weather is hot and humid in the Riviera Maya, and because you need the best long lasting make up to look gorgeous all your wedding party time. We have tried and tested HD HIGH DEFINITION ELIXIR from Make Up Forever.
This Instant radiance and hydration serum is a perfect primer before starting your make up application. This product instantly hydrates and adds radiance to the skin. It was developed to create a very natural make up on high definition cameras and to the naked eye. And we know that on this special day all eyes will be on you !!!
After the quick absorption into the skin. This serum minimize the fines lines and erase all signs of fatigue after you welcome party for example…
We definitely adopted High Definition Elixir for our bride…Let’s try it with us !!!