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You decided to celebrate your wedding in the Riviera Maya. This is an amazing place known for its beautiful beaches, amazing colors and a perfect lights for your photos. But remember this place also has a use special products that are adequate with the Caribbean environment, the heat and humidity.

The french Make UP Forever products range is perfectly adapted to the Caribbean moist climate. With the best waterproof and very long lasting products quality, make the most of your “Special Day” !!! This brand has especially been created for the professional make up artists who work for theater, fashion, TV … This brand has been created for you!

Our revolutionary silksphere formule delivers full flowless coverage with just few tiny drops of product so will use less make up, you look like a Bonafide natural beauty. The airbrush application Systeme creates a gorgeous, naturally flawless version of you. Our micro spray technology gives you the freedom and flexibility to create any kind of coverage that you want.

Be beautiful all day and night long!

7 Days Before

  Find your style, look for it in magazines or blogs and think about the hairstyle you want. I will help you to create a unique style for this day so send me photos of your dress and hairstyle you would like to wear! We recommend planning a hairstyle test before the D-day! Ask for your hairdresser!
  If you plan to arrive in the Caribbean some days before your event, don’t forget to take care of your skin (differently than you normally do when you are in the city) Water !!! a lot of water…
  Beauty Secret: Coconut water…. It has a strong hydratation power and remineralize the body. Drinking coconut water is highly recommended for sporty people and in very warm places.
  Also protect your skin from the sun’s rays using a specific moisturizing cream and a hydratating mask after the sun exposure. If you follow this rule, your make up will last longer and will be more luminous. This way, you also will avoid sun burns and you will look amazing in your wedding dress.

3 Days Before

  Think about hydrating your lips with a solar protector stick and be ready to kiss your husband and all your family and friends.
  Beauty Secret: Add some honey en your moisturizing cream and put it on your lips. After 20 minutes take it off with a tissue. Your lips will be sweet and replumped.
  Prepare a little bag with a lipstick gloss to retouch your make-up on your wedding day, mint candies and some tissues in case of shiny skin. Our powders are strongly absorbent and don’t need to be retouched during the day. Tissues are also useful for tears of happiness. wink
  Take care of you and relax are the key words of the Menu. You can go for a wax hair removal, manicure, pedicure, massage or a hammam with your friends! You also can just have fun on the beach.


  Waking up, take care of your eyes. They must be shinny and look fresh all day long.
  Beauty Secret: Brew 2 tea bags and put it on the fridge during 15 minutes. Then, lay down, close your eyes and apply the fresh tea bags on your eyes. Relax 5 minutes.
  Your hairdresser will arrive soon, check your appointment time and think about doing your shampoo before. Don’t use cream or oil on your hair for it not to be greasy. Clean your skin perfectly, remove all your make-up and use a moisturizer.
  Finally, use a top you can easily take off without damaging your hairstyle and make up. You will be the queen of the day.

See you soon. I wish you the best in your wedding preparation.