Airbrush Vs Traditional Make-Up

The best makeup effects to keep your look lasting all-day

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You are getting married soon and you must be getting super excited! And now it’s time to think about your wedding look. What kind of hairstyle to wear, the headpiece or flower crown and of course… your make up style! And for your make up you have two options… Traditional or Airbrush makeup.

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You are probably thinking … what’s the difference between the two? What is traditional makeup? What do you mean when you say airbrush make up?  Those are questions most of our brides have…So let us explain a bit more about both techniques. 

                 TRADITIONAL MAKE UP

Captura de pantalla 2020-03-25 a las 7.46.07 p.m.When we talk about traditional makeup, we talk about the application method, in this case, is done with regular makeup products like brushes, foundations, powders, concealers, highlighters, etc. Basically the same tools that you could use at home. Your make up artist has plenty of tools, colors, textures and she knows different techniques on how to apply the makeup (using brushes,  sponges, or the fingers tips) to make you look gorgeous.  We can find traditional make up in various presentations (liquid, cream or pressed powder), the perfect one for you is based on your skin type, your make up artist will choose the right one for you on your wedding day.

                     AIRBRUSH MAKEUP

16998744_1855928408028012_6201988974825398867_nFor the airbrush application, your make up artist will use a small air compressor (air gun machine).  This micro-spray technology gives a very natural and uniform result because it applies a very small amount of special airbrush foundation (silicone or water-based).  The result can be matte or glowy, light or high coverage, just tell your make up artist the style you are looking for.

The airbrush makeup is very long-lasting because the ultra-fine concentrated mist creates a perfect coverage veil on your skin – giving it long durability. Since the foundation is the perfect match for your skin, it can withstand pretty much anything- including the Riviera Maya weather (humidity, rain, mist, heat).

Tips from Sarah Garnier:
– We use waterproof products for our traditional and airbrush makeup, so… choose the technique based on the look you would like to achieve and the one you feel comfortable with.
-Airbrush makeup allows the natural hues in your skin to radiate through the makeup achieving a super natural and dewy look (like Megan Markle’s wedding makeup style).
– Both techniques take about 45 min for the application, so whichever you choose the application time would be the same.
– If you are the bride to be, tell your hair and makeup artist the style you like and share with her some pictures so she can recommend the best technique to achieve that look.
– If you can, do a trial run before the big day!
This way you will know exactly how the makeup feels, looks, and how long it lasts.
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