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Wether you are a bride to be and you decided to get married at the beach or you simply are on vacation, your hair will be exposed to the sun and salt water, and …it doesn’t really like it ! So when you protect your skin, don’t forget your hair!!!


If you don’t want to ruin your bridal hairstyle or to go back home with damaged hair, follow the simple tips below.

1 – Detangle your hair : Try to always detangle your hair, soflty using a detangling spray if necessary.  Don’t pull too much, take your time starting form tip to

2 – Apply a spray protection before the beach : Before the sun exposition, protect your hair with a sun spray protection. You can use the one you prefer but choose it with a high sun screen SPF.

 tumblr_ngz2ksfpqq1u1ovvmo1_4003 – Wear a hat or hair scarf : You can wear a hat to protect your hair and skin from the sun . If you prefer to tan your face you can simply wear a little hair scarf to protect only your hair. The important is to protect your scalp. b8b46c5138fc49f0878c84d09a06f3c4

4 – More protection before swimming : If you go to the ocean or sea water your hair will be confronted to salt ! So before you go and swim, apply an oil on your hair , even if it is greasy and sticky it is essential. The majority of the product will go away when immersed so reapeat the application anytime you go and swim

5 – Long hair : If you have long hair it is better to braid or attach it in a gentle up do to avoid it to tangle to much . a09c7d98936b26802fafe576ea00ebad

8d798077921f1582ca657982d8f06fbf6 – Rinse your hair : After the session at the beach, directly wash your hair with fresh water. If there is a shower at the beach, better, go and rinse the salt of your hair right after swimming. Better to let your hair down at night at home.

7 – Hair conditioner : Just after the shampoo, use an after sun conditioner, leave it 5 to 10 minutes and rinse . – After sun : After washing your hair with fresh water,  apply an after sun spray on your wet hair. After that it is much better if your hair dries naturally. You are on vacation , avoid the hairdryer or hair straightener.

 9 – Haircut, only the ends : Back home, plan a visit to your hair salon. Try to cut your ends every 2 months, it doesn’t mean to cut a lot and change completely your hairstyle  but just 1 or 2 centimeters in order to keep your hair beautiful .

10- Keratin Treatment : We all should do this treatment regularly . It is really effcient, it nourrish your hair and make it stronger and beautiful. Very good after a stay at the beach.

Your bridal hairstylist expert tips : On your wedding day, wash your hair but don’t use any product on your hair. No spray, no conditioner, no oil etc.. Especially if you are getting married in a very humid place like the Mayan Riviera Mexico, your hairstylist with use the most adapted products for your hairstyle to last as long as possible.


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PASTEL HAIR BRIDES : Would you dare ?


Pastel hair has been so fashionable on the last few months that we started wondering if this kind of color would really be appropriate for a wedding day. We found some pastel hair bridal hairstyles and we would love to know your thoughts  about this extravagant trend.

Would you dare ? Or do you think it is only reserved for fashion magazines and runways ?

Some of the Celebrities who started this fashion trend 

Because most of the trends comes from celebrities 


Cara Delevingne


Lady Gaga

Purple Hair Nicole R

Nicole Richie


Rita Ora


Kylie Jenner


Katy Perry












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images (1)      images (3)

WEDDING PASTEL HAIRSTYLES  : What is your favorite color ?

Something blue !

Blue 1 71e371f3e44cc440203ae216d0204f02 753ce74c314b3f124d07a45be8978038

Pink Lady ! 

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Purple Hair Don’t care ! 

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If you are a haidresser, haistyles addict or a bride to be ,whether you like this rock n’roll trend or not, please leave a message in comments. We love to know what you think about hair and make up .

If your getting married in the Mayan Riviera – Mexico, why don’t you trial a Caribbean sea hairstyle color?

*All the photos of this post come from the Internet. If you are the author of one of them we would be happy to quote your name as a source. Thank you