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Fake eyelashes are so popular these days that you are probably wondering if they are appropriate for your wedding. Actually today most of the brides choose to wear eyelashes on their wedding day even if they never worn them before. It pops instantaneously the look and adds so many glamour too the make up. The eyes look bigger and beautiful.

There are so many lashes on the market. Which ones should you use ?

The beauty industry offers you a wide range of false lashes : strip, individual, long, short, natural, synthetic, weeping, dramatic and so much more.

Strip false lashes are the most commonly used because of all the different styles you can reach with them. Whether you want a natural, extreme or flirty style they are perfect for you. You can find them in a large range of colors, shapes, length and volume. It depends on the look you expect. If you are a beginner you will have to practice a little before applying them correctly. We suggest you to hire a professional make up artist on the wedding day to avoid any incident before to saying I do.

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Individual fake lashes are used to give more density or to fill a gap on the natural lashes. They must be applied individually and you can also find them in different length and colors. They can give a very natural result or they also can perfectly help to get voluminous and bold look just like the strip lashes.

All of the fake lashes can be worn with contact lenses and if they are correctly applied they will not hurt or feel uncomfortable. We warn you about the importance to use a high quality glue so they will last longer and will not irritate your eyes.

Both types are beautiful and we definitely suggest you to wear fake lashes on your wedding day because it will really make a difference on your photos result.

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Your makeup artist tips if you choose to wear fake eye lashes on your wedding day : 

Don´t wait for the last minute to try them. Take advantage of your trial run to find with your make up artist the bet option for you depending on the shape of your eyes, the density of your natural lashes and the look you expect. If you choose well, your look will be perfect untill the end of the event.

To take off your false eyelashes just use a make up removal or a drop of oil and pull slowly.

We really thing you should wear fake eyelashes for your wedding.



Erika and Nathan said “I do” in one of our magic cenotes of the Riviera Maya. Both were looking for an unique experience in a wild and natural site to have a mayan ceremony with their family and friends.

Del Sol Photography took a lot of amazing pictures of this romantic scene in this luxurious jungle.


The bride chose an elegant low bun and a bright make up to look perfect on her wedding dress.

We are glad we have been part of this happy day . All our professional team of hairdresser and make up artist wishes a lot of love to Erika and Nathan for their union.


more pics of the Mayan ceremony : here