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How to choose your wedding accessories?

Sarah Garnier Make Up Artist Riviera Maya

Choosing  wedding hair accessories can be a little complicated  even for the most organised bride. However, having the right accessories in your hair will complete the fabulous look you have always dreamed about!

First of all, find your wedding style…Do you want a 20’s,  romantic, or sophisticated style ?…Your accesories depend on it !!! All your accessories should work together in total harmony.

For example for a romantic or beachy wedding you can choose some fresh flower or a headband will adorn every bride with elegance and romance.

You already  need to think about your hairstyle, Because there are so many way to use your accesories in your hair.

You can use it to emphasise a mouvement in your hair or the color of your make up or to be in harmony  with  your nails….

Once you know the style you are having your hairdresser will be able to help you to choose  what will complement the hair and dress….We will gives you the best help and follow up until your wedding to find your own style…

This is your day to shine so go for it !!!

People we love to work with… “PIERRE VISUAL STUDIO”

trash the dress riviera maya

           Trash the Dress is the art of of deconstruction of a bride ‘s wedding dress to create a new artwork. So if you don’t plan to keep your dress…..This is for you !!!

            Trash your dress in the Riviera Maya is the best way for couples to live a different and unique experience, enjoying the beauty of the Mexican nature

             It’s an amazing experience in a magic atmosphere. Cenotes are deep natural pits characteristic of Mexico, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. Especially associated with the Yucatan peninsula, cenotes were sometimes used by the ancient Maya for sacrificial offerings

             The Mexican’s cenotes allow a beautiful visibility and quiet water to take easily wonderful picture of both of you…

              Pierre is a French photographer specialized in Trash The Dress session. He lives in PlayaDelCarmen since 2006 and knows a lot of beautiful places to “take a deep breath” and dive in a new adventure.

              All his team is very nice and make you feel very confident. We especially love Pierre’s  tequila time before the shoot to “break the ice” with the couple. During the photo-shoot we offer you the best quality of make up for a long-lasting look.

               To have the best sunlight conditions all over the year Pierre works in different Cenotes. He always do amazing photos and change the shooting according to the season, to have always a unique atmosphere on his pictures.

           trash the dress riviera maya


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