When we say make up we first think about foundation, eyes and lips . But don’t underestimate the importance of blush ! The blush is your best ally to contour, color and emphasis the cheeks. This is the final touch for a perfect makeup .


Every woman can use it but it doesn’t mean they should use it the same way ! The proper application depends on the face shape, To use blush like a pro follow the instructions below !

Powder or Cream ?

You can find 2 types of blush : Powder or cream. The only big rule is to use one or another . Don’t mix them or you’ll ruin your make up. If you want a creamy, shinny and glowy result, choose the cream blush.  But if you prefer a matte finish, the powder is the best option.

The color you should use depends on your skin tone.

Fair skin : baby pink, pale pink, plum, peach

Medium skin : apricot, mauve, soft berry

Olive skin : orange peach, bronze

Dark skin : raisin, brick, sofft red, fiery orange

Where to apply the blush ?


Like Angelina

Square face like : Focus blush on the apples of the cheeks doing small circles to soften the angles of the chin.

round face

Like Miranda

Round face : Make your round face look more narrow wearing your blush along the cheekbones and up towards the ears, from the apples of your cheeks to your temples . It helps to make a slimmer face.

heart face

Like Reese

Heart face : Apply blush under the natural lines of your cheeckbones and sweep upwards to balance the pointy jawline.

oval face

Like Cara

Oval face: You can wear blush so many different ways but for a natural look, apply to the apples of cheek and sweep upwards.


Like Liv

Long face : Apply blush  horizontally on your cheeks  towards the ears to widen the face . Don’t forget to blend well to avoid the football player look.


Your make up Artist tips :  

  • Peach blush color works for everyone make every skin tone looks amazing.
  • Wear blush but not to much contouring for your wedding day. If blush makes the brides look stunning on the photos.
  • Airbrush blush is long lasting and perfect if your are getting married in a humid weather area like the Riviera Maya or for nightlife events.

Now you know everything don’t be shy to blush anymore !!!

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