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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…with a twist

Angie-Jim_0013(pp_w890_h593)Photo by: Quetzal Studio

We have all heard the saying of something old, something new, something borrowed and something new. But what does it all mean?

Well, it comes from an Old English rhyme, and they are tokens of good luck that your family and friends will give to you on the big day. But hey, now that you are getting married in the beautiful Riviera Maya in the Mexican Caribbean, why don’t we continue with the tradition and give it a little twist… so we had some ideas on what some items that would be perfect for a destination wedding and also check the traditional requirements! .

Something Old-

Something old represents continuity.

Is there somthing your grandma gave you when you were little?, remeber those photo locklets that grandmas used to have? And even more perfect if it has a picture of grandma! Or even better, if grandma is at the wedding!

Captura de pantalla 2017-03-27 a las 1.01.12 p.m.

Photo: Fine Art Studio

Something new-

Represents optimism for the future.

Most brides something new is their wedding dress!, if you choose your something new to be the dress..this is awesome!, because after the wedding you can take it to the cenote or the beach and have alot of fun doing a trash the dress photoshoot!

Captura de pantalla 2017-03-27 a las 2.08.25 p.m.

Bebe_1184 (1280x854)

Photos by: Dean Sanderson

Something borrowed-

Symbolizes happiness.

This is always a hard one. You could borrow a hair accessory from friends or family for your hair up-do, or borrow your mom’s jewelry…this is always a good one!

sofisticate up do

Photo by: Magic Art Studio

Something blue –

Represent purity, love, and fidelity.

Well this one was the easiest of them all, with the gorgeous turquoise blue ocean from the Riviera Maya as your background we are sure your marriage will be filled with love! And since we are in México, why not making a specialty blue cocktail with blue agave Tequila for your guests, nothing can go wrong with this …right?

Captura de pantalla 2017-03-27 a las 1.01.53 p.m.

Photo:Fine Art Studio

Or if you would like to play it safe, you could let the groom help you out with this one… he could wear a blue suit for the perfect beach wedding!

Captura de pantalla 2017-01-15 a las 6.46.36 p.m.

Photo by: Quetzal Studio


Fine Art Studio:

Dean Sanderson:

Magic Art Studio:

Quetzal Studio:

The wedding day essentials no bride should be without!



We truly hope you don’t have any beauty emergency on your wedding day, however the key to avoid them is to be prepared. It’s super important to have handy those items that could save the day, so before you come down to the Riviera Maya, México for your destination wedding, we would recommend you to stop by your local pharmacy and grab some of these travel size beauty essentials:

Beauty essentials:

Your favorite lipstick or lip-gloss: for touch ups through out the day!

Breath mints: It sure will be nice for your first kiss as a married woman to be sweet and fresh!

Nail polish : Always ready for the ring/ bouquet picture!

Tissues: happy tears, no problema!

Hair bits and bobs: Ask your professional hair dresser to provide you with a few bobby pins and hair bands before she leaves, so you can fix and tweak your hair or even attach your wedding veil.

Comb or brush and small mirror: to keep your hair do under control.

Hair spray: with the tropics humid weather, it’s always a good idea to have some hair spray to make sure your do stays put!

And the essentials for your general beach wedding travel kit:

You might also want to bring these with you to the reception: deodorant, bug spray and sun- screen, after all you are in a tropical country having an amazing beach wedding, but lets face it it might be hot and humid, with the probability of mosquitoes and sun burns. And maybe include some first aid basics like pain reliever or aspirin and band aids.

For any wardrobe emergencies, don’t forget: Super glue (to fix any shoe, or hair accessory)  , stain remover, and the sewing kit!


Also, if you are having a trash the dress (specially during the winter months), make sure you bring with you a towel, change of clothes, a thermos or a mug with hot chocolate or coffee, and a chocolate bar for the breaks in between shots, cause the water can get very cold!!!

imagesPass the list to one of your bridesmaids and put her in charge of the emergency kit, you guys can buy a cute make-up bag, a tote bag or a little box for these items, stash it in a safe but easy-to-access place during the ceremony and just feel relax, cause you know you are ready for almost anything!

If we missed any ¨must have ítems¨, send us a comment and let us know your experience and how you handled the situation!

Hair Accessories ! Alternatives to the wedding veil…

For your wedding hairstyle and fashion design, the veil is an option but not an obligation!. There’s so many beautiful alternatives to the classical veil that we wanted to take few minutes to show you a few options for a beach wedding in the Riviera Maya. Beach weddings allow you to be as creative as you want, you can choose different accesories to create a shophisticated-classical look or a relaxed boho-chic style, lets have a look!

The veil :

There’s more than one way you can wear a veil, create a classical look by wearing it on top of your hair or give it a modern twist and place it underneath a bohemian up do for a beachy style.








Birdcages & blushers :

Give a little twist to the veil by wearing one of these!,  birdcages and blushers will help you create a sophisticated vintage look with a playfull edge. Another great thing about these accessories, is that they can be attached to any style of haircomb, fascinator or brooches you may like.  Be adventurous and create your own retro-chic look with a spice of modern glamour!


Hair Combs :

Hair combs are usually a vintage inspired accessory, faturing pearls, rhinestones, crystals or floral embellishments. Hair combs are perfect to wear with a bun. However, if you have your mind set on wearing your hair down, the comb will totally work with a sleek side look or a half up do style, keep in mind that it might need to be attached with some extra bobby pins.


Floral crowns :

Floral crowns have taken the 2016 bridal hair scene by storm. Commonly used by boho brides the truth is, flower crowns go with any kind of hairstyle from the boho-chic to the conservative buns! I guess, we can see the reason for their success! You can mix and match between different flowers and colors to show your personal style.


Tiaras and headband :

The classic Cinderella tiara will never go out of style, so you can’t go wrong with one! With a half-up, half down hairstyle or a stylish bun the tiara is the perfect accessory to create the princess look.



Beach style :

And last but not least, lets talk about some beach theme accesories. If you chose the Riviera Maya for your setting,  there’s no doubt you will love these options . Be as creative and colorful as you want, try some pearls and crystals for a marmaid look,  a tropical flower for a splash of color and a sexy vibe or starfish accessories to  match a wavy or soft curls hairstyle. Either way, you will look stunning with the caribbean ocean as your background.





You probably already saw these colorful egg shape sponges everywhere,  but you maybe don’t really know how to use them. If you love make up and if you are used to wear foundation, this little egg is made for you !


The original beauty blender is pink and has been created by Rea Ann Silva in 2007 . It first replaced the classic foundation brushes of the professional make up artists but now it became so popular that you can find it everywhere and use it for your make up at home!

It is the best tool for traditional foundation application. The thing is to use it wet. “If you use it dry, it doesn’t work the same way, the magic is when you wet the sponge” Says the Rea Ann Silva . “When it’s wet, it becomes bigger, softer and less thirsty, instead of sucking up the make up, it pushes it out into the face “

beauty blender

Photo : Courtesy of Beauty Blender. Designed by Ly Ngo.

Wet the sponge until its completely saturated and squeeze out the excess water. Then dab it in your make up . When you apply the make up , you will see you have a better coverage with less product. The result is very natural and gives a non make up effect. This little egg shape is perfect  for application under the eyes, around the nose and along the lips. 

To understand better how to use your beauty blender what’s is better than a little video :


The beautyblender gives a flawless result, your skin will look amazing, fresh and light. Try it and  you will love it ! You can also use this sponge to apply your blush and bronzer.

Your make up artist tips :

  • You can use a beauty blender for make up but also to apply your face moisturizer, cream , serum, primer, spa etc… the sponge use the perfect amount of product and the application is very uniform and gives a perfect coverage.
  • If you are a bride to be getting married in a tropical place like the Riviera Maya Mexico,  and you plan to have a beautiful airbrush make up for the big day, you can get used to wear your traditional foundation using the beauty blender. The result will never be as perfect as an airbrush application but you will see it is not that far.




This season the ponytail hairstyles are everywhere, on the magazines, the red carpet, catwalks…  We love it so much we decided to show you some of our favorite styles.

There are so many ways  to wear the ponytail…. whether you are getting married or simply going to work or to the gym, the ponytail is a perfect option. What will you choose ?


braided 1   Top_100_Braided_Hairstyles_2014_022 braid-hairstyles-pinterest


MTM0MDAwNTY0Nzg5OTQxNTIy     2298fb908d20e8a7783168059bc2e251    Top_100_Curly_Hairstyles_2014_058


Cannes-2013-Hairstyle-Eva-Longoria-Low-Ponytail  La-low-ponytail-de-Victoria-Beckham  f029ae23e3dd9d0d113011e87084155d


high-ponytail6  Nicole-Kidman-Low-Ponytail Unknown


Unknown   61 52f11dfbb6fe545d25cb482f0c66761e


messy-ponytails-4 different-types-of-ponytails-hairstyles-7  Gigi Hadid street

If you are a bride to be , the ponytail matches perfectly with a hairpiece or a veil. If the ceremony takes place outside or for a beach wedding,  the ponytail is an excellent bridal hairstyle option. Moreover if the weather is windy and humid like in the Mayan Riviera Mexico, a teased or tousled ponytail can be the way to avoid the frizz . Your hairstylist bridal expert will help you to find the look that will makes you gorgeous for your big day .


2015-ponytail-wedding-hairstyle_b Coiffures-de-mariees-queues-de-cheval-5 long-wedding-ponytail-hairstyle-2016

*All the photos of this post come from the Internet. If you are the author of one of them we would be happy to quote your name as a source. Thank you

LIP PLUMPERS : Kiss it Bigger !


angieYou love big lips but you are not really ready for surgical lip injections. If you dream of fleshy lips why don’t you start trying a lip plumper gloss or treatment ? You will certainly not obtain the Kylie Jenner or Angelina’s lips but for sure you will see good results if you use the good products.

There are so many brands and products on the market, some are good other absolutely not… Let us guide  you a little bit .

1 -Too Faced – Lip Injection 

Lip injection too facedOur favorite ! It exists in 2 versions. Original or extreme . The difference between one and another is not really big. We like the original one that makes your lip plump almost instantly after the application. Moreover the gloss is not sticky and smells really good. After the application your lips will tingle a little but don’t worry, the annoying sensation disappears after few minutes. We love the result

2 – Smashbox O-Plump Intuitive Lip PlumperOplum smashbox

This gloss not only plum your lips to perfection, it also turns into the perfect shade of pink according to your natural lip color. A beautiful non sticky gloss option.  You won’t feel burning sensation after application and the result is long lasting. Very natural result and elegant color. Amazing product !

Dior Addict3- DIOR Addict Lip Maximiser – Collagen Active Lip Gloss

Very long lasting and feel smooth all day . Minty and refreshing, it doesn’t only give more volume instantly to your lips but it also highly hydrate. We love the large range of colors you can find. Different shades of pink but also beautiful orange, beige …

4 – City Cosmetics Advanced Lip Plumper cosmetics advanced formula

The product is another excellent option for fuller lips. The gloss is a great moisturizer and let your lips silky. The tingling sensation is not strong and the result is stunning.

shiseido5 – Shiseido Benefiance Full Correction Lip Treatment  

This is not an instant result product, it will plump your lips gradually. It doesn’t tingle or burn the lips. It is a progressive volumizer very nutritive and great moisturizer. After few weeks of use you will see a beautiful result, younger and well hydrated voluptuous lips. This is more a treatment than a make up product.

Your Make up Artist Tips :

  • If you are a bride to be, don’t wait the last moment to try the product on your lips, it is very rare but in case of allergic reaction or intolerance to the gloss, you could have bad surprise. Better to try it few days or weeks before the wedding to be sure it is ok for you.
  • The more you use lip plumpers the more your lips will be volumized, fleshy and smooth. Be patient .
  • Plus : if you are getting married at the beach like in the Mayan Riviera Mexico, of if you are a test to a summer destination wedding, these gloss are a good preparation for your lips thanks to their great moisturizer and hydrated composition.


*All the photos of this post come from the Internet. If you are the author of one of them we would be happy to quote your name as a source. Thank you


Wether you are a bride to be and you decided to get married at the beach or you simply are on vacation, your hair will be exposed to the sun and salt water, and …it doesn’t really like it ! So when you protect your skin, don’t forget your hair!!!


If you don’t want to ruin your bridal hairstyle or to go back home with damaged hair, follow the simple tips below.

1 – Detangle your hair : Try to always detangle your hair, soflty using a detangling spray if necessary.  Don’t pull too much, take your time starting form tip to

2 – Apply a spray protection before the beach : Before the sun exposition, protect your hair with a sun spray protection. You can use the one you prefer but choose it with a high sun screen SPF.

 tumblr_ngz2ksfpqq1u1ovvmo1_4003 – Wear a hat or hair scarf : You can wear a hat to protect your hair and skin from the sun . If you prefer to tan your face you can simply wear a little hair scarf to protect only your hair. The important is to protect your scalp. b8b46c5138fc49f0878c84d09a06f3c4

4 – More protection before swimming : If you go to the ocean or sea water your hair will be confronted to salt ! So before you go and swim, apply an oil on your hair , even if it is greasy and sticky it is essential. The majority of the product will go away when immersed so reapeat the application anytime you go and swim

5 – Long hair : If you have long hair it is better to braid or attach it in a gentle up do to avoid it to tangle to much . a09c7d98936b26802fafe576ea00ebad

8d798077921f1582ca657982d8f06fbf6 – Rinse your hair : After the session at the beach, directly wash your hair with fresh water. If there is a shower at the beach, better, go and rinse the salt of your hair right after swimming. Better to let your hair down at night at home.

7 – Hair conditioner : Just after the shampoo, use an after sun conditioner, leave it 5 to 10 minutes and rinse . – After sun : After washing your hair with fresh water,  apply an after sun spray on your wet hair. After that it is much better if your hair dries naturally. You are on vacation , avoid the hairdryer or hair straightener.

 9 – Haircut, only the ends : Back home, plan a visit to your hair salon. Try to cut your ends every 2 months, it doesn’t mean to cut a lot and change completely your hairstyle  but just 1 or 2 centimeters in order to keep your hair beautiful .

10- Keratin Treatment : We all should do this treatment regularly . It is really effcient, it nourrish your hair and make it stronger and beautiful. Very good after a stay at the beach.

Your bridal hairstylist expert tips : On your wedding day, wash your hair but don’t use any product on your hair. No spray, no conditioner, no oil etc.. Especially if you are getting married in a very humid place like the Mayan Riviera Mexico, your hairstylist with use the most adapted products for your hairstyle to last as long as possible.


*All the photos of this post come from the Internet. If you are the author of one of them we would be happy to quote your name as a source. Thank you




retroEyeliner is one of the basic make up tool that women use from the beginning of make up history!  But let’s be honest, it is not very easy to apply and it  takes a lot of patience and practice to reach a beautiful and perfect result . Moreover there are so many ways to trace the line that you’ll have to choose your style and work on it.


There are a lot of different eyeliner products in the market. Let’s talk about the most famous ones.

liquidLiquid eyliner :  The original ! It was used a lot in the 50’s and 60’s for movies and fashion to create the iconic dramatic eyes make up look. It usually comes in a small tube with a very thin brush. The application is not easy, it requires a lot of precision and hand control. If you want to create a sophisticated cat eye look, sharp lines or graphic shapes, the liquid liner is made for you.

get eyelinerGel or cream eyeliner :  It comes in a small pot and you can use an angled or a fine tipped brush for the application. Its thick creamy formula make it much easier to apply than liquid liner. You can trace a very clean line easily or you can smudge the line to create a blurry smokey effect. You can also use it as a base under the eyeshadow, it gives more intensity to your look and it will make you line lasts longer.

imagesPencil eyeliner : Must have for beginners and pros! The easiest eyeliner to use, this is why most of the girls choose this one. It works exactly like any other pencil. Perfect if you want a soft and smudgy result but also for a deeper and dramatic look.  Just sharpen it correctly to get a more precise finish. You can quickly and easily draw a nice line without taking any risk to ruin your make up.  You can also use it in your inside waterline eye.

powder eyelinerPowder eyeliner :  This is a simple make up powder, exactly like any eye-shadow. You can use it to set a liquid or cream eyeliner and make it last longer . You need a little angled brush to draw along your lash line. The result will be blurry and less intense than other eyeliners formula if you use it alone. In combination with other eyeliner it is perfect to create a beautiful red carpet smokey eye !

Tips from your make-up Artist : 

  • Play with colors. We first think about black when we talk about eyeliner but you can find a variety of colors that can make your make up pop !
  • If you are a beginner why don’t you first apply a pencil eyeliner and then cover it with a liquid eyeliner. It is the best training you can do to become an expert.
  • Don’t use liquid, cream, gel or powder eyeliner on your waterline. It won’t stick and It would directly irritate your eyes. For the waterline use a pencil liner.
  • For your wedding day, especially if you are getting married in a humid weather place like the Riviera Maya – Mexico, choose a waterproof formula. The brides use to get emotional on their big day and you don’t want a drop of tear to ruin your make up.






When we say make up we first think about foundation, eyes and lips . But don’t underestimate the importance of blush ! The blush is your best ally to contour, color and emphasis the cheeks. This is the final touch for a perfect makeup .


Every woman can use it but it doesn’t mean they should use it the same way ! The proper application depends on the face shape, To use blush like a pro follow the instructions below !

Powder or Cream ?

You can find 2 types of blush : Powder or cream. The only big rule is to use one or another . Don’t mix them or you’ll ruin your make up. If you want a creamy, shinny and glowy result, choose the cream blush.  But if you prefer a matte finish, the powder is the best option.

The color you should use depends on your skin tone.

Fair skin : baby pink, pale pink, plum, peach

Medium skin : apricot, mauve, soft berry

Olive skin : orange peach, bronze

Dark skin : raisin, brick, sofft red, fiery orange

Where to apply the blush ?


Like Angelina

Square face like : Focus blush on the apples of the cheeks doing small circles to soften the angles of the chin.

round face

Like Miranda

Round face : Make your round face look more narrow wearing your blush along the cheekbones and up towards the ears, from the apples of your cheeks to your temples . It helps to make a slimmer face.

heart face

Like Reese

Heart face : Apply blush under the natural lines of your cheeckbones and sweep upwards to balance the pointy jawline.

oval face

Like Cara

Oval face: You can wear blush so many different ways but for a natural look, apply to the apples of cheek and sweep upwards.


Like Liv

Long face : Apply blush  horizontally on your cheeks  towards the ears to widen the face . Don’t forget to blend well to avoid the football player look.


Your make up Artist tips :  

  • Peach blush color works for everyone make every skin tone looks amazing.
  • Wear blush but not to much contouring for your wedding day. If blush makes the brides look stunning on the photos.
  • Airbrush blush is long lasting and perfect if your are getting married in a humid weather area like the Riviera Maya or for nightlife events.

Now you know everything don’t be shy to blush anymore !!!


Your lover just proposed and  you are already thinking about the dress, the place, the food, the guests and who is going to be your bridesmaids ! !!! Congratulation, it is so exciting !!!!

But wait a minute, have you thought about your skin !?! You should make it a priority and write it at the top of your TO-DO LIST !!!


Beautiful bride to be don’t worry, It’s easy. Just follow the steps …

  • skincare-productsThe Earlier the better  : As soon as you know that you are getting married , you must think about your skin. If you didn’t know it and you are one month from the wedding, don’t worry, the skin cells renew every 21 to 28  day, you still have time to improve your skin appearance for the big day.
  • Eat Healthy and Drink Water :It is good for your skin, your body and your energy. It can sound like so obvious but too many time we  forget how much what we eat can affect our skin aspect. Eat a lot of fruits ans vegetables. Choose them full of water like watermelon, kiwi or strawberries, green vegetables like cucumber, spinach, iceberg lettuce etc. Drink a lot of water and green tea.

If you are getting married at the beimages (1)ach, in the Riviera Maya– Mexico for example, eat a lot of papaya, tomatoes and carrots before arriving at destination. They  are full of B-Carotene and will help you not to burn your skin under the sun. Moreover it will give a beautiful color to your tan. Eating well also helps to get in shape.

  • Monthly Professional Facial Treatment : After a quick skin diagnosis, the profesionnal will  determine your skin type and condition and decide which skincare treatment is good for you. The facial not only improves your appearance. Refreshing the skin and getting all the dirt out of the pores will also help the skin to better serve its protection purpose. Take advantage of this moment to relax and feel good.
  • Skin care Routine at Home : The monthly facial is not enough. A daily skin care routine at home is more than necessary. Ask your professional to help you to determine the best routine  and products for your skin type (oily, dry,normal or combo).


But basically, you will need to:

1- Clean : Remove all the make up, debris and oil using a water soluble cleanser. It prepares the skin to receive more effectively the other products ( toner and moisturizer treatments)

2- Tone: Complete the cleaning, make up removing,hydrate and add important skin repairing ingredients.

3- Exfoliate : It removes dead skin cells from the skin surface and clean the pores.  Perfect to let the new fresh skin appears.

4- Moisturize & Hydrate : Use the right hydrating cream depending on your skin type and the targeted moisturizer treatment depending on your skin specificity. It can be to fight against acne or scars, anti aging, anti wrinkles etc… You can also use a hydrating mask once a week.



Your bridal expert hair and makeup artist tips if you are getting married at the beach

  • Use sunscreen everyday on your face and lips months before the wedding and during your stay at destination (even if you don’t live at the beach and if it is winter)
  • Fragance free products are better for sensitive skins and avoid brown skin spots due to the sun exposure.
  • On the wedding day, before your make up artist arrive don’t use any oily product on you face (Monoi, tanning oil or sunscreen)
  • Don’t forget your body ! Use a body scrub once a week, (don’t forget your knees and elbows) to improve your skin aspect if you’re wearing an open wedding dress.

Now you know how to look even more gorgeous than you already are, we suggest you to keep taking care of your skin after the weeding.